HoHoKam Stadium

The Oakland A’s have returned back to HoHoKam Stadium after 36 years. The past year it has been under renovation and previous to that the Chicago Cubs had been using it.

Also keeping with the “36” trend, the 36 year old Barry Zito has rejoined the A’s on a minor league contract, with an invitation to spring training. Zito isn’t on the official roster, but that is what will make spring training interesting to watch. Zito came up in the A’s organization, crossed the bay for a 7 year contract, took the 2014 season off and now is back at the minors in Oakland.

Zito is definitely the player to watch this pre-season!

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Don’t Stop Believing

As any Giants fan knows, “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey has become the theme song. It’s played every game. It’s a common theme that has swept the Giants Nation. I have to admit I’m pretty fond of it too. The renditions have been great also. Think back to 2010.

So why would it change now. So when a friend posted I couldn’t resist and had to share. How awesome would  the Red Hot Chili Pipers (Yes, you heard that correct, Scottish Bag Pipers) playing “Don’t Stop Believing”.

So enjoy Giants Fan!

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Farewell Candlestick

Most of us remember the days prior to AT&T park being built. The long drive to Candlestick, the cold wind, the list of complaints go on. However, a lot of memories surround baseball at the stick. I remember my first baseball game with my dad there. The light so bright, the field so green and vast. The concrete steps and the plastic seats. I was probably more taken by my surrounds than I was with the game. My love for baseball and the ultimate feeling you get at a ballpark started at candlestick. My obsession grew. The players on T.V. became real people.


Now don’t get me wrong. I love AT&T Park. I waited in anticipation for the park to be built. Many trips to visit the groundbreaking. The excitement and vibe of a baseball park is vibrant. I am addicted to the rivalry cheer. The smells the electricity that runs through the crowd at good plays, bad plays and the visiting teams.


So with the demolishing of Candlestick, it brings a bitter sweet feeling. AT&T is a significantly better park to go to, but the first memories of the love of baseball lie within Candlestick Park. When the opportunity arose to see Paul McCartney at the last show of Candlestick I knew I had to go. I stood on the grass with baseball thoughts swirling around me for one last goodbye.


And so… the demolition of Candlestick begins.

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Baseball Countdown – Fan Fest

The Superbowl for me is the marking of Baseball. Spring training arrangements are being made. The final arbitration deals are being done and now it’s officially the countdown to Baseball season! It’s always fun to have pre-season events to get you jazzed for the season. So lucky for Giants fans, the S.F. Giants FanFest at AT&T park is this coming weekend. So mark the calenders (Bring out the rain jackets) and get ready for Fan Fest on February 7th!

For the complete schedule check out the Giants website on the happenings of Fan Fest.

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