A’s Ballpark News: Alameda County Supervisors Pass Coliseum City Deal

The Alameda County Supervisors uanimously signed off on a six-month agreement to negotiate directly with the city and its private development partner, Floyd Kephart, on redeveloping the Coliseum complex into a┬ánew center called Coliseum City with a stadium for the Raiders and A’s. The next step would be to enter the city of Oakland into the deal (which is another lengthy bureaucratic process) and involve the teams, or so they say. Officially neither team is in support of the project even though Alameda County claims the Raiders are coming around.

While the A’s and Raiders have remained silent so far, Lew Wolff has on numerous occasions indicated that he had no interest in Coliseum City and for many legitimate reasons including the fact he would probably hope to be involved with the developing. Recently the NFL even suggested that Oakland directly engage the Raiders in talk instead of the development group.

While Oakland and Alameda remain optimistic about keeping the teams, this move may or may not be good for the Raiders nor the A’s. More reasons to remain skeptical about the level of realism involved in the process include quotes from members of the Alameda County Board Supervisors like this:

“I have not given up on the Warriors. I want to keep the Warriors,” Supervisor Scott Haggerty said today.

Yes that’s right, they haven’t realized the Warriors are definitely not staying in Oakland.

More to come on the never-ending saga to get the A’s a new ballpark.buy cialis professional cheap