And the Exhibition Season is Concluding — Hudson, Zito 2 of Former Big 3 Slated to Pitch

The Exhibition Season is concluding with a bright and sunny East Bay day. Tim Hudson, formerly of the “A’s Big 3”, will pitch for the Giants and Brett Pomerantz will start for the A’s. More excitingly for Bay Area baseball fans, A’s Manager Bob Melvin has indicated that Zito will get an inning of relief and pitch against the Giants.

A’s and Giants fans alike will enjoy Zito in this game. Zito played a special role in the Giants’ 2nd World Series, winning and starting a crucial Game 7 and was a fan favorite while with the A’s, while leading them to the ALCS and winning a Cy Young. Zito is not likely to make the A’s roster and it is unknown whether he will accept an assignment to AAA. Interest around the league for Zito is unknown. It is thought that Billy Beane would let Barry leave the A’s to pursue any such opportunity.

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