Is a Josh Reddick Extension in the Cards?

John Hickey of the Bay Area News Group reports on Twitter that Josh Reddick is ready to talk extension. While many have speculated that the A’s would trade Reddick who only has one more year on his contract, Billy Beane has mentioned numerous times that Reddick was a candidate for an extension.

Given the A’s nature it is a comment that hasn’t struck a chord as serious with many. Reddick’s camp has been quiet but it’s possible a tough outfield market that has seen Yoenis Cespedes just sign for far less then he expected has swayed him. Reddick is coming off 2 strong years in a row including a .272/.333/.449 2015 campaign. He comes with strong defense in RF led by a strong arm. Fangraphs had him worth 3 WAR last year.

It is unknown what parameters the A’s or Reddick’s camp would be seeking for a deal.

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