Davis adds Power but also Questions to the Outfield Situation

Coco Crisp

Before the acquisition of Khris Davis, the likely candidates for the A’s outfield included some mix of Mark Canha, Coco Crisp, Billy Burns, and Josh Reddick.

Coco Crisp, 36, was a non-factor last year and his injury history along with a neck injury that if it needed surgery would have required retirement makes him tough to project. Crisp whom years ago wasn’t happy the A’s pushed him out of Center Field has been the consummate professional saying:

“I’m comfortable with Khris Davis coming here,” Crisp told the Mercury News by phone Wednesday from his home in Southern California. “He’s a great athlete, and I’m happy we went and got him. This gets us closer to our goal, which is a green-and-gold ring. He’s going to help us.”

Crisp comes into spring feeling more healthy this year although his comments don’t inspire total confidence.

 “My neck is my neck, and for now it’s fine. My level of confidence is good.”

Now with Khris Davis targeted for LF, Crisp will have to either spell Davis, or Burns primarily with the chance he could also spell Butler at DH or Davis could shift to DH, and Crisp to LF in such a scenario. This all comes with the caveat of health and that Butler finds a way to right his swing for 2016.

For his part Crisp has indicated he is focused on coming to Mesa for Spring Training and having fun again in 2016.

How do you see the OF, and DH situation playing out for the A’s? Where will Mark Canha play? Will Butler rebound? How much time does Crisp get?buy cialis online overnight


World Series Winning Odds For A’s and Giants

Online Sports Book Bovada has their futures bets odds for the Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants. Well we do not endorse gambling it’s interesting to look at the Spring Training odds for the local teams. As you can imagine expectations are high for the Giants and not so high for the A’s.

  • Giants +800
  • Athletics +7500

+800 means bet $100, to win $800, while +7500 reflects winning a whooping $7500 if you bet $100. There is only one team laying worse odds than the Giants because of high expectations to win the World Series, the Chicago Cubs who are +400.  Conversely only the Padres and Rockies come in at +10000 and +15000, longer odds than the Oakland A’s.

In summary, High expectation for the Giants, low expectations for the A’s. Not a big surprise.

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Giants Fan Fest 2016

Today is the day… FAN FEST. To me it’s like baseball season has officially started. And it being Valentine’s Day… for us that are in LOVE with the Giants, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a day.

So here is a quick run down if you plan on trekking out to the field today.
Fan fest is from 10am to 3pm

The field will be open to walk on, play catch or to just get a view of what the players have. There will be current players and coaches talking about the 2016 season and there will to ask you San Francisco Giants some questions of your own!

And if you haven’t gotten a chance to get your picture taken with the world series trophies, here is you opportunity. They will be on display for your viewing and picture pleasure.

Welcome to the 2016 season!

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Oakland Athletics add Outfielder Khris Davis In Trade With Brewers

No sooner then I finished my off-season review, the Oakland Athletics added another bat, LF, Khris Davis. They traded minor league prospects, P Bubby Derby and C Jacob Nottingham. Nottingham was acquired in the Scott Kazmir trade and had a good bat, but was a couple of years away.  The A’s had to designated pitcher Sean Nolin to clear roster space. Davis comes with four seasons of control.

Khris Davis, 28, played 121 games in Left Field. He had 392 ABs and hit 27 homers, while compiling a .247/.323/.505 line of AVG/OBP/SLG for a 828 OPS.  He is not a well regarded outfielder.

Here are Khris Davis’ projected 2016 Numbers via ZIPS:

505 23 23 68 .251 .320 .484 804

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A’s Off-season Involves Bullpen, Chemistry Upgrades

  • Signed Henderson Alvarez (Starting Pitcher) to 1 year/$4.25 million ($1.6 million in additional incentives)
  • Traded 3B/IF Brett Lawrie for 2 minor leaguers
  • Signed John Axford (Relief Pitcher) to 2 year/10 million
  • Traded Evan Scribner for minor leaguer
  • A’s signed Ryan Madson (Relief Pitcher) to 3 years, 22 million
  • Acquired 1B Yonder Alonso and lefty reliever Mark Rzepczynski in exchange for Drew Pomeranz and Jose Torres
  • Acquired Jed Lowrie in exchange for a minor leaguer
  • Acquired Reliever Liam Hendriks in exchange for Jesse Chavez
  • Signed Rich Hill, Left Handed Starter

The A’s off-season begun with promoting Billy Beane to Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations and David Forst to General Manager.  The team went into the offseason with the key goal of trying to improve chemistry and bolster a bullpen that led to a 19-35 record in 1-run games and was 28th in MLB with a 4.63 ERA. The health of closer Sean Doolittle should be step one in a resurgence for that unit but adding Hendriks, Madson, and Axford can’t hurt as well.

Chemistry is something that Billy Beane has frequently said was created by winning. The A’s chemistry was so bad in 2015 that even for Beane it was a focus. The club brought back Mark Kotsay as a bench coach, traded for Jed Lowrie and jettisoned Brett Lawrie with chemistry in mind.

2015 was a disappointing year after the A’s came so close in recent years. It stung for Oakland fans watching Josh Donaldson and Yoenis Cespedes lead their clubs deep in the playoffs. Oakland goes into 2016 with a much improved minor league system (Top 10 Prospect List) that should have reinforcements on the way. The team also made a number of moves that should make the A’s more watchable, at least in 2016.

ZIPS 2016 Projections for Oakland Athletics Newcomers:

For those unfamiliar an ERA- of 100 is average, and below that is good. 86 is 14 percent better than average, and 110 would be 10 percent above average. ZIPS likes Madison and Hendricks quite a bit but is far less optimistic on Hill, Alvarez and Axford.

Rich Hill 4.29 110
Henderson Alvarez 4.13 106
John Axford 4.12 106
Ryan Madison 3.34 86
Liam Hendricks 2.88 74
Jed Lowrie 247 315 384 699
Yonder Alonso 268 333 375 708

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Brandon Belt Arbitration Deadline Wednesday

With all the trades going on, we forget, or at least I forget that baseball is a business, and there are negotiations that go on also with current players. As Wednesday looms ever closer, so does the arbitration deadline for Brandon Belt’s 2016 contract. Let’s note though that the last time the Giants had an arbitration hearing it was back in 2004.

Belt has asked for $7.5 million and the Giants offered $5.3 million, due to the deadline and how close it is, it looks like they will be focused on a one-year contract compared to a multiyear contract.

So we wait for Wednesday.

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Gaylord Perry Statue to join others at AT&T Park

Baseball isn’t all about the players and the current roster. Baseball brings about a sense of belonging, being among other people who love the sport and also about the legacy and the great players of the past.  

So in August, AT&T Park will unveil a new stature that will stand at the corner of Second St. and King St of Gaylord Perry. As a Giants Pitcher, Perry stared 283 games,, of which he completed 125 of them. Also in 1968 he pitched a no-hitter against the Cardinals.

Perry was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1991.

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Offseason Roundup: Giants Spent $326 Million To Boost Even Year Chances

The Giants rung up the cash register for $326 million in the off-season on four players to boost their even year resurgence bid. The team brought in 3 outsiders and locked in a familiar fan favorite in Brandon Crawford.

Here is a breakdown, along with their 2016 ZIPS Projection:

  • Jeff Samardzija (Pitcher) 5 year, $90 million contract
    • Projection: 196 IP 44 BB 180K 3.31 ERA
  • Johnny Cueto (Pitcher) 6 years, $130 million contract
    • Projection: 207 IP 50 BB 178K 2.87 ERA
  • Brandon Crawford (Infielder) 6 years, $75 million contract
    • Projection: 249 AVG/314 SLG/408 OBP 722 OPS
  • Denard Span (Outfielder) 3 years, $31 million contract
    • Projection: 280 AVG/333 SLG/387 OBP 720 OPS

2015 was a trying season for the Giants but with the team’s recent success fans can’t be too disappointed. Cueto and Samardzija should help boost a starting staff that was plagued by injury in 2015. The 2016 Giants look to be formable with these additions. How do you think 2016 will shake out?generic cialis description


Heading to the Desert….

On February 17th, Pitchers and Catchers will report to Scottsdale, Arizona. They will also be sporting a new style in there uniforms. Majestic Athletics new Flex Base technology has designed a new light weight hat and uniform material that the rest of the MLB League has been using. This year the Giants will be sporting the new material in their jerseys and for the first time will have their first spring training specific uniforms using this new lightweight material #FlexBasecialis online new zealand