Offseason Roundup: Giants Spent $326 Million To Boost Even Year Chances

The Giants rung up the cash register for $326 million in the off-season on four players to boost their even year resurgence bid. The team brought in 3 outsiders and locked in a familiar fan favorite in Brandon Crawford.

Here is a breakdown, along with their 2016 ZIPS Projection:

  • Jeff Samardzija (Pitcher) 5 year, $90 million contract
    • Projection: 196 IP 44 BB 180K 3.31 ERA
  • Johnny Cueto (Pitcher) 6 years, $130 million contract
    • Projection: 207 IP 50 BB 178K 2.87 ERA
  • Brandon Crawford (Infielder) 6 years, $75 million contract
    • Projection: 249 AVG/314 SLG/408 OBP 722 OPS
  • Denard Span (Outfielder) 3 years, $31 million contract
    • Projection: 280 AVG/333 SLG/387 OBP 720 OPS

2015 was a trying season for the Giants but with the team’s recent success fans can’t be too disappointed. Cueto and Samardzija should help boost a starting staff that was plagued by injury in 2015. The 2016 Giants look to be formable with these additions. How do you think 2016 will shake out?generic cialis description

  • Phil Miller

    Awesome additions. I think they will have an extra 8-10 wins over last season. Some more speed at the top of the line up. If Pagan, Pence and the rest of the GMen stay healthy its gonna be special to watch. Go Giants !!!

  • Bradley Ash

    I think these butt heads better step it up this year cause they haven’t been real great besides Crawford the past year or two. But if that happens and we all stay healthy were going to see fireworks agine in 2016. Go Giants!!!

    • Ron

      Really, the “last year or two”? Year before last they won the whole thing… Again! Lol.