2016 San Francisco Giants Starting Pitching Rotation

Madison BumgarnerSan Francisco Giants Pitching Rotation Preview

It’s March 1st and the first spring training games are about to begin this week and so the possibilities of what the starting pitching line-up might look like. The signing of free-agents Johnny Cueto and Jeff Samardzija into the pitching rotation make for a strong 5 man rotation.

  1. Madison Bumgarner – Well we all know that Mad Bum is the hero of  the bull pen and has helped the team through some amazing game wins!
  2. Johnny Cueto – If Cueto’s arm stays strong then the team has “..one of the most deadly one-two punches…”
  3. Jeff Samardizija – he is due to have a great season after last year in the American League, but now that he’s returned to the National League where he saw his best pitching statistics, the Giants will be in good shape having Samardizija as Number 3.
  4. Jake Peavy– A veteran with already pitching 14 MLB seasons, but he is a strong 4th place pitcher.
  5. Matt Cain– Cain would have been the number 5 spot, but due to being out with injury, Chris Heston makes the most sense and he’s shown he can step in and pitch a good game.

2016 ZIPS Projections

Madison Bumgarner 210 216 43 2.88
Johnny Cueto 207 178 50 3.16
Jeff Samardizjia 196 180 44 3.18
Jake Peavy 140 112 35 3.77
Matt Cain 150 113 54 4.00
Chris Heston 101 83 31 4.25

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