Exhibition Games

It’s Monday, the beginning of another week, the memories of the weekend slipping quickly away. This Monday thought is the Monday before the Exhibition Games. We can start to plan for Thursday nights game at AT&T Park. Start dusting of the dust from the jerseys. Is it a trek to the Park to get the first smells of baseball or is it a night at home with friends watching the game?

I for one am not sure where I will be, but I can pretty much guess that once Thursday rolls around there will be at least one game viewed at either of the ballparks. It just depends on if a weekday game or a weekend game wins out. The “long” winter off of baseball, the last month of spring training, the rumors of the roster, it’s all come down to this week. This is the week! It might not be Opening Day, but in my mind this is just as exciting. Besides, what’s a better way to get your vocal cords back into cheering mode than four nights of some hometown rivalry!



Let’s Go Giants

Let’s Go A’sbuy cialis 20mg in australia

Opening Day

We have finally reached the home stretch. Spring training games are coming down to the final days, the Giants and the A’s will soon be playing their expedition games in a week. Which brings us to Opening Day. The Giants will start their season on the road, the first game being in Arizona against the Diamondbacks.  AT&T park will be hosting Giant Fans to watch the opening game.

So check out Comcast Sportsnet for all the details and remember April 6th will soon be upon us!cialis non generic

A’s option Ryan Cook to Triple-A

In the first shocking move of the Spring for the Oakland Athletics, the A’s designated Ryan Cook to Triple-A Nashville. Manager Bob Melvin told Susan Slusser that Cook was sent down to work on some things. Melvin noted that Cook was instrumental to the team’s success and that it was difficult to send him out and he expects him back.

Cook posted a 3.42 ERA in 2014 over 50 innings. This figure was nearly run higher then 2013 when he posted a 2.54 ERA.

Bullpen Status

The move leaves two likely slots open in the bullpen after Clippard, Otero, Abad, and O’Flaherty. Jesse Chavez or Drew Pomeranz whomever does not make the rotation will likely be the team’s long reliever leaving Evan Scribner, R.J. Alvarez, Brock Huntzinger and the switch pitching Pat Venditte as the leading candidates to fill out the bullpen. Closer Sean Doolittle will start the season on the DL.cheap cialis soft tabs

A’s Ballpark News: Alameda County Supervisors Pass Coliseum City Deal

The Alameda County Supervisors uanimously signed off on a six-month agreement to negotiate directly with the city and its private development partner, Floyd Kephart, on redeveloping the Coliseum complex into a new center called Coliseum City with a stadium for the Raiders and A’s. The next step would be to enter the city of Oakland into the deal (which is another lengthy bureaucratic process) and involve the teams, or so they say. Officially neither team is in support of the project even though Alameda County claims the Raiders are coming around.

While the A’s and Raiders have remained silent so far, Lew Wolff has on numerous occasions indicated that he had no interest in Coliseum City and for many legitimate reasons including the fact he would probably hope to be involved with the developing. Recently the NFL even suggested that Oakland directly engage the Raiders in talk instead of the development group.

While Oakland and Alameda remain optimistic about keeping the teams, this move may or may not be good for the Raiders nor the A’s. More reasons to remain skeptical about the level of realism involved in the process include quotes from members of the Alameda County Board Supervisors like this:

“I have not given up on the Warriors. I want to keep the Warriors,” Supervisor Scott Haggerty said today.

Yes that’s right, they haven’t realized the Warriors are definitely not staying in Oakland.

More to come on the never-ending saga to get the A’s a new ballpark.buy cialis professional cheap

Jim Harbaugh visits A’s Spring Training — The A’s are “Jungle Lions”

john shea harbaugh oakland

Harbaugh coaching First – Photo Credity John Shea Twitter

In one of those unique moments you only get in Spring Training, former 49ers Head Coach, and current University of Michigan Head Coach, Jim Harbaugh visited Oakland Athletics Spring Training and coached First Base. Harbaugh was in full form waving runners to second with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind and was still out there even in the 6th inning. Harbaugh is a friend of Bob Melvin and was returning the favor for opportunities to visit the sidelines for the several San Francisco 49ers games.

Harbaugh was entertaining as usual and gave a great quote on the A’s to the media afterwards:

 “The A’s to me, the way they compete, the team, the different way they think, they are jungle lions. Zoo lions get tired of zebra after a while and want filet mignon. Not jungle lions.”

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Trophy Tour

SF Giants Trophy Tour


The world series is still fresh in our minds and as spring training is underway, the hype and excitement of baseball season is upon us. I am so excited for warm weather, nights at the ball park, and yelling at the television as the the Giants lose or win, make awesome plays or total bogus plays.


Today only made me more antsy for baseball season to really kick in. I got to see the world series trophies. Lined up and ready to stand behind and have your picture taken. It was amazing to have them so close and so real.


The excitement of all baseball fans and Giants fans is a great atmosphere to be surrounded in.

31 days until Opening Day!cialis cost 20 mg

HoHoKam Stadium

The Oakland A’s have returned back to HoHoKam Stadium after 36 years. The past year it has been under renovation and previous to that the Chicago Cubs had been using it.

Also keeping with the “36” trend, the 36 year old Barry Zito has rejoined the A’s on a minor league contract, with an invitation to spring training. Zito isn’t on the official roster, but that is what will make spring training interesting to watch. Zito came up in the A’s organization, crossed the bay for a 7 year contract, took the 2014 season off and now is back at the minors in Oakland.

Zito is definitely the player to watch this pre-season!

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