Opening Day 2018: New to the Oakland Athletics

”You always get a special kick on opening day, no matter how many you go through. You look forward to it like a birthday party when you’re a kid. You think something wonderful is going to happen.” – Joe DiMaggio

It’s that magical time of the year again when we get to celebrate Opening Day! The day that some of us countdown to, plan a dinner party, meet at your favorite watering hole to cheer on your team. Even some of us will be sitting in the stands cheering our team on.

We will cheer for our favorites, the players we feel like we know, call them by their nickname. Though with every new season comes with new players, so let’s get those introductions out of the way so we can bring them into the baseball team family.

Catcher – #21 – Jonathan Lucroy
Right Fielder – #25 Stephen Piscotty
Pitcher – #52 – Ryan Buchter
Pitcher – #15 –  Emilio Pagan
Pitcher – #36 – Yusmeiro Petit


Baseball is here! Who’s new on the SF Giants?

Those of us who have sat through the long winter months trying to keep busy with Basketball, Football, Hockey, Soccer, Winter Olympics and whatever else you can to fill the void of the empty days of 9 inning games … We no longer need to wait. It’s like the night before Christmas, except we get to cheer, scream, and go with the roller coaster of the baseball season. It’s the day before OPENING DAY! I don’t know about you all, but I will definitely be bringing out all the baseball shirts, getting my orange and black together, because tomorrow is OPENING DAY! I mean, can you not understand how exciting this is??!!! OPENING DAY. Yes… OPENING DAY has finally arrived.

So during the dark days of no baseball, there was a lot going on. So here are some of the highlights so you know the new faces on the team:

Pitcher- #70 Julian Fernandez
Pitcher – #45 Derek Holland
Pitcher – #56 Tony Watson
Infield – #10 Evan Longoria
Center Field – #16 Austin Jackson
Center Field – #22 Andrew McCutchen

2016 San Francisco Giants Starting Pitching Rotation

Madison BumgarnerSan Francisco Giants Pitching Rotation Preview

It’s March 1st and the first spring training games are about to begin this week and so the possibilities of what the starting pitching line-up might look like. The signing of free-agents Johnny Cueto and Jeff Samardzija into the pitching rotation make for a strong 5 man rotation.

  1. Madison Bumgarner – Well we all know that Mad Bum is the hero of  the bull pen and has helped the team through some amazing game wins!
  2. Johnny Cueto – If Cueto’s arm stays strong then the team has “ of the most deadly one-two punches…”
  3. Jeff Samardizija – he is due to have a great season after last year in the American League, but now that he’s returned to the National League where he saw his best pitching statistics, the Giants will be in good shape having Samardizija as Number 3.
  4. Jake Peavy– A veteran with already pitching 14 MLB seasons, but he is a strong 4th place pitcher.
  5. Matt Cain– Cain would have been the number 5 spot, but due to being out with injury, Chris Heston makes the most sense and he’s shown he can step in and pitch a good game.

2016 ZIPS Projections

Madison Bumgarner 210 216 43 2.88
Johnny Cueto 207 178 50 3.16
Jeff Samardizjia 196 180 44 3.18
Jake Peavy 140 112 35 3.77
Matt Cain 150 113 54 4.00
Chris Heston 101 83 31 4.25

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Giants Fan Fest 2016

Today is the day… FAN FEST. To me it’s like baseball season has officially started. And it being Valentine’s Day… for us that are in LOVE with the Giants, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a day.

So here is a quick run down if you plan on trekking out to the field today.
Fan fest is from 10am to 3pm

The field will be open to walk on, play catch or to just get a view of what the players have. There will be current players and coaches talking about the 2016 season and there will to ask you San Francisco Giants some questions of your own!

And if you haven’t gotten a chance to get your picture taken with the world series trophies, here is you opportunity. They will be on display for your viewing and picture pleasure.

Welcome to the 2016 season!

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Gaylord Perry Statue to join others at AT&T Park

Baseball isn’t all about the players and the current roster. Baseball brings about a sense of belonging, being among other people who love the sport and also about the legacy and the great players of the past.  

So in August, AT&T Park will unveil a new stature that will stand at the corner of Second St. and King St of Gaylord Perry. As a Giants Pitcher, Perry stared 283 games,, of which he completed 125 of them. Also in 1968 he pitched a no-hitter against the Cardinals.

Perry was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1991.

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Offseason Roundup: Giants Spent $326 Million To Boost Even Year Chances

The Giants rung up the cash register for $326 million in the off-season on four players to boost their even year resurgence bid. The team brought in 3 outsiders and locked in a familiar fan favorite in Brandon Crawford.

Here is a breakdown, along with their 2016 ZIPS Projection:

  • Jeff Samardzija (Pitcher) 5 year, $90 million contract
    • Projection: 196 IP 44 BB 180K 3.31 ERA
  • Johnny Cueto (Pitcher) 6 years, $130 million contract
    • Projection: 207 IP 50 BB 178K 2.87 ERA
  • Brandon Crawford (Infielder) 6 years, $75 million contract
    • Projection: 249 AVG/314 SLG/408 OBP 722 OPS
  • Denard Span (Outfielder) 3 years, $31 million contract
    • Projection: 280 AVG/333 SLG/387 OBP 720 OPS

2015 was a trying season for the Giants but with the team’s recent success fans can’t be too disappointed. Cueto and Samardzija should help boost a starting staff that was plagued by injury in 2015. The 2016 Giants look to be formable with these additions. How do you think 2016 will shake out?generic cialis description


Heading to the Desert….

On February 17th, Pitchers and Catchers will report to Scottsdale, Arizona. They will also be sporting a new style in there uniforms. Majestic Athletics new Flex Base technology has designed a new light weight hat and uniform material that the rest of the MLB League has been using. This year the Giants will be sporting the new material in their jerseys and for the first time will have their first spring training specific uniforms using this new lightweight material #FlexBasecialis online new zealand


Pagan Set For Left Field Now With Span Signing?

We learned this week that the Giants signed Denard Span. Bochy hinted that he will play Center Field.

As we go into the 2016 season, Angel Pagan is entering his last year of his 4-year contract with the Giants.  Pagan was placed on DL for most of the month of August with right patella tendinitis.  In October Pagan had a procedure on his right knee.

Spring Training will determine where Pagan is physically and where he will be placed for the 2016 season; a season that is important contract wise for him.

Let’s not forget what Pagan did in 2012. He hit .288, had 8 homeruns and 56 RBI’s, stole 29 bases and had a league-leading 15 triples. So will a healthy Pagan, will we see some of those numbers again?

Fangraphs Steamer Projection for 2016:

126 303 3 31 24 7
7.90% 6.20% 16.00% 0.094 0.261 0.308 0.355
wOBA wRC+ Off Def WAR
0.292 89 -2.9 -4.6 0.2

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