Brandon Belt Arbitration Deadline Wednesday

With all the trades going on, we forget, or at least I forget that baseball is a business, and there are negotiations that go on also with current players. As Wednesday looms ever closer, so does the arbitration deadline for Brandon Belt’s 2016 contract. Let’s note though that the last time the Giants had an arbitration hearing it was back in 2004.

Belt has asked for $7.5 million and the Giants offered $5.3 million, due to the deadline and how close it is, it looks like they will be focused on a one-year contract compared to a multiyear contract.

So we wait for Wednesday.

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Ballpark Food 2015

Now that we are in full swing of baseball season (okay, so only 2 days in), let’s get down to the important stuff. FOOD. Ballpark food has come a long ways from hot dogs, peanuts and beer. Going to the stadium is not only to yell for your team, but also a whole food experience. It’s not only gourmet food and drinking libations, but stadiums are also the home for the extreme and sometimes strange food creations. So add to your list to visit every stadium with also to try all the foods.  So check out ballpark food 2015 for what might be your next food experience while catching 9 innings of cialis miami

Opening Day For the A’s and Giants

The day that we have all been waiting for has finally arrived – Opening Day of Baseball!

The A’s are hosting the Rangers at home, with a 7:05pm start. The Athletics RH Sonny Gray will be facing off against the Rangers RH Yovani Gallardo. There are plenty of new players on the A’s this year, so check out the Oakland A’s 2015 Opening Day Roster here.

The Giants are starting off in Arizona facing the Diamondbacks at 7:10pm. Their roster is heavy on the pitchers, 13 pitchers to be exact. Considering they are on the road for 14 days straight. Vogelsong will pitch game 2 and Peavy will be pushed back a few days to allow his arm some more rest, but is reported appear in the San Diego series. Go here to see the Giants 2015 Opening Day Roster.

Welcome to Baseball in the Bay 2015!

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