Let Zito Pitch

“Let Zito Pitch”

I know, I know, I know! Why would you have Zito come back and pitch?! The word “emotions” has  been floating around. We want to remember the Cy Young winner as an A’s pitcher.  The Giants pitcher who won game 1 of the 2012 World Series. Now, the pitcher who has worked hard to come back to the major leagues. So the rumors say it might be doubtful with the A’s, the rumors have it that he has it for the big leagues again.


I personally love the stories of the guys who need to struggle to come back, who pull at our heartstrings and seem to be generally liked by their team members, by the public. The articles aren’t about them bashing their team, the managers, or the fans, but about what a humble, self motivated person you are. So whether the A’s put Zito on the 40 man roster or not, I think he deserves to pitch one game.


So…. LET ZITO PITCH!cialis generic over the counter