Exhibition Games

It’s Monday, the beginning of another week, the memories of the weekend slipping quickly away. This Monday thought is the Monday before the Exhibition Games. We can start to plan for Thursday nights game at AT&T Park. Start dusting of the dust from the jerseys. Is it a trek to the Park to get the first smells of baseball or is it a night at home with friends watching the game?

I for one am not sure where I will be, but I can pretty much guess that once Thursday rolls around there will be at least one game viewed at either of the ballparks. It just depends on if a weekday game or a weekend game wins out. The “long” winter off of baseball, the last month of spring training, the rumors of the roster, it’s all come down to this week. This is the week! It might not be Opening Day, but in my mind this is just as exciting. Besides, what’s a better way to get your vocal cords back into cheering mode than four nights of some hometown rivalry!



Let’s Go Giants

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