Pitchers and Catchers- 5 weeks and counting

It might only be January and memories of the World Series still fresh in our mind. However, in 5 short weeks pitchers and catchers will be reporting to Arizona and talk of Opening day will soon be upon us.

The Giants will begin the season April 6 in Arizona, continue to San Diego before being back at home on April 13th.

So a recap on some of the offseason happenings:

Sergio Romo and Jake Peavy, both free agents were signed back with the Giants. Casey McGehee was acquired in a trade to play third base (do we dare to even mention “Panda”?).


Hudson underwent surgery on his right ankle.

Cain is recovering from surgery on his right elbow and right ankle.

So there are 4 spots in the starting pitching line-up that are questionable. With only Bumgarner being a for sure. So we will see if there are any trades made for a starting pitcher in the next few weeks.

So don’t fear fans, baseball is right around the corner and it definitely could be an interesting start. .cialis pills for cheap